#MyCyberSale Hands-On Workshop in Penang by MDEC (29 April 2016)


Together with other few service providers such as Silver Mouse, Sushivid, Persuasion Technologies, Produc.codes and more, we launched Tribeup Academy to the public for the first time in this special event attended by over 50 online sellers in the region. This event was organized by Malaysia Digital Development Corporation and made possible by Carol Fung.

Carrying Tribeup’s mission to help more businesses grow leveraging on digital tools more effectively, Jason started the session with Tribeup’s core business – Facebook marketing. Based on his experience working with over 50 companies from various industries in the past, Jason pointed out the misconception among local businesses towards Facebook marketing, or rather, Facebook advertising.

Jason did a quick comparison between Google advertising and Facebook advertising, as he described as the pull and push of digital marketing. While Google dominates the search, Facebook is particularly useful to actively push a specific brand, services or a message to a specified set of target audience effectively. Jason went on to discussed about the 11 objectives of Facebook advertising and how can businesses form a cross platform digital marketing strategy to accelerate growth.

This session was also the first time Jason discussed our signature funnel realization technique for ecommerce businesses and the growth hacking techniques to accelerate growth. It opened the eyes of the participants about the importance of keeping the important numbers close to their heart and constantly working on hacking them.


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