Effective Facebook Marketing Boot Camp – Batch #2 (21-22 June 2016)

The second installation of Effective Facebook Marketing Boot Camp was a really exciting one. We had the opportunity to work with a set of very diverse companies from different industries, ranging from fashion manufacturing and retail (K&M Fashion Center), mall management (Design Village), creative agency (Era Digitalogik) and tourism board (Penang Global Tourism).

The Effective Facebook Marketing Boot Camp is a 2-day boot camp designed to help businesses to really understand the Facebook advertising tools and how to use them effectively to form a holistic digital marketing strategy on top of it. On the first day of the boot camp, we went through the Facebook advertising objectives and ads targeting, design and copywriting do’s and don’ts. On the second day we had discussion sessions to help develop a cross-objectives Facebook advertising strategy for each business, leveraging on advanced tools such as Custom Audiences & Custom Conversions via Facebook Pixel. We also covered funnel visualization and Facebook campaign ideas to enhance engagement and brand loyalty for the long run.

Compare to the first boot camp, we’ve updated the program to include a few recent changes on Facebook advertising objectives and targeting mechanics. While many may ask if 2 day is enough to learn all that a business need to excel on Facebook marketing, we actually offer a 30 days support and a one-day revision session in the following month to make sure all participants have their campaigns optimized with our help.

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