Build Your Optimized Website In A Day Workshop for Intact Communications

Build Your Optimized Website In A Day Workshop for Intact Communications

I was sharing with Bill & Angie from Intact Communications about our plan to roll out a 1-day, super hands-on workshop for non-technical individuals to learn how to build an optimized website within a day. He immediately decided to get us to train his creative team to do that – there are 15 of them.

The first keyword for this workshop is “optimized”.

Many claimed to be able to teach individuals to build a website in a day or so, but not many people actually DID IT. Tribeup is known for our ability to pull websites within hours for super last minute launches, and also our ability to build MVP (minimal viable product) for our startup ideas within weeks, if not days. We do not just build normal websites, we build optimized websites from SEO angles, UI/UX, feature-wise and more. We also throw in digital marketing hacks to make sure your site is up and ready for your digital marketing funnel optimizations.

So the next keyword is “one-day”, that’s the fun part.

We crafted the workshop in a way that is intensive but not intimidating. We started by sharing with the participants, based on our experience of having built over hundreds of websites, what are the key elements of a good website. This first session differentiates the workshop from others because we actually covered the topic from 3 perspectives – technical, design and marketing.

Participants will then be guided with our proprietary project development flow for website development – a system that is proven over the years. This session serves as a checklist before we move on to the following sessions. As the participants are actually designers of highly commercial projects, we did a comparison between graphic design and user interface and user experience design to make sure they do not carry too much burden while going into website design.

Then of course, we talked about WordPress, and worked on it, of course. The participants were walked through a thoroughly planned steps to build their websites, one step at a time. It was indeed a very interesting experience for us as well as all the participants because a lot of questions asked were not within our prediction, so our team actually learned in the workshop.

Special thanks to Intact Communications for the opportunity, not every day you get to work with one of the best advertising design team in Penang. It was a good run and we’re ready to launch BYOW (short form for Build Your Optimized Website In A Day Workshop) in August.

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