Effective Facebook Marketing Boot Camp – Batch #3 (21-22 July 2016)

Effective Facebook Marketing Boot Camp – Batch #3 (21-22 July 2016)

Fast forward 3 months from the launch of Tribeup Academy at MDEC’s event, we’ve just completed our 3rd batch of Effective Facebook Marketing Boot Camp last week. One thing that keeps me going in doing the boot camp is the opportunity to work with different brands from different industries. We had a really diverse crowd in batch #2, this one is even more interesting:

We had the best strategy brainstorming session ever.

Due to the ever-changing Facebook ads manager and other settings and features, this is yet another updated boot camp since the first batch in May 2016. We discussed about the latest move of Facebook moving the bidding option to the first page of ads creation, and we also drilled down about the new “brand awareness” Facebook advertising objective based on our experiments.

The Effective Facebook Marketing Boot Camp is designed into 2 parts – day 1 for theories and fundamental sharing on tools, ideas, concepts; where day 2 is more on practical and hands-on sessions to work on the strategy for each brand. Starting this batch we allocated more time into strategy discussion with the objective to help each participating brand to shape a actionable strategy to kickstart right after the boot camp.

Want to learn effective Facebook marketing and advertising techniques? Join the next boot camp in August.


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