Automated, Integrated, Advanced Facebook Advertising

You’ve learned how to use Facebook advertising objectives, effective audience targeting techniques and essential know-how to design and write your Facebook ads.

The next question is: How to make your advertisements flow? 

Let’s discuss how to build a contextual Facebook advertising strategy that automatically moves audiences through a well-designed funnel flow. We will dive deep into the advanced techniques in using Facebook Custom Audience, with assistance of other digital tools to achieve the objective.

Prerequisite: Mastering Facebook Advertising Training

Learn To Build An Integrated Facebook Advertising Strategy

Below are the topics covered in this intensive, hands-on, highly tactical, 1-day training:

  • Introduction to Context Marketing
  • What is Facebook Pixel (and how to install)?
  • How to setup Custom Conversions & Custom Audiences?
  • How to use Custom Audiences effectively?
  • How to use Google Analytics to identify key metrics for your business?
  • Visualizing your sales funnel and,
  • Creating an integrated Facebook advertising strategy that leads your customers through a designed journey to achieve your goals.

It Is About Connecting The Dots

By joining the Advanced Facebook Advertising Training, you’ll find the answers to the questions below:

  • How many percent of your visitors actually turn into customers?
  • Who are your existing highest grossing customers?
  • How to segmentize your target audiences into top-of-funnel, mid-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel categories?
  • How to design specific ads campaigns for each funnel layers?
  • How to identify growth opportunities for each funnel layers?
  • How to build an automated advertising flow using tools available?
  • How to put all the answers to the above questions to work for your business growth at optimum level?

This is a super intensive, hands-on, highly analytical and tactical 1-day training that will get your brain to overclock.

Join the class. Book your seat now.

Date: 15 December 2017, 10am-5pm

Venue: iSpace, PJ Trade Centre
Fee: RM2,000/pax
Required: Bring own laptop