Your most important read before embarking on your Facebook Advertising journey, with fundamental concepts of 13 Facebook Advertising Objectives explained.

When we started doing Facebook marketing for brands back in 2010, it is still possible to drive growth without spending. Organic reach was as high as 30%, which means if the Facebook page has 1,000 fans (page likes), each new post will reach around 300 people organically. Fast forward to today, 5% organic reach is already very commendable for most brands.

To drive meaningful traffic, you need to advertise on Facebook. To advertise effectively on Facebook, you need to read this ebook.

There are 13 advertising objectives available (to date) inside Facebook Ads Manager, and clearly “Boost Post” isn’t the best objective in most cases. Learn the mechanics behind these 13 Facebook advertising objectives, and how to optimize them towards achieving your business goals.

Presenting Tribeup Academy’s first ebook – The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Advertising Objectives. This ebook aims to answer one questions for small medium businesses – How to optimize the 13 Facebook Advertising Objectives for businesses growth.

45 pages, 30 minutes read.

What do we discuss in this FREE ebook?

  1. How Facebook advertising really works
  2. Getting started with Facebook Ads Manager
  3. Understanding Facebook Ads campaign structure
  4. Choosing the right optimization method
  5. Facebook Ads for Awareness
  6. Facebook Ads for Consideration
  7. Facebook Ads for Conversion
  8. Start advertising on Facebook

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