What can I do at the end of the program?

You will acquire a new superpower, well close. 🙂  Digital marketing is as important as coding, which is largely regarded as a superpower to create new things, to change lives. To us a good app/website will not be successful without effective marketing – it is like the iOS to iPhones, without it no matter how solid is your hardware, it just won’t work. 

You’ll learn all techniques, insights, do’s and don’ts of Facebook marketing that we’ve learned in the past 6 years spending hundreds of thousands experimenting for brands large and small from various industries. We helped build over 20 startups (10+ our own startups) in the past few years, our growth hacking insights is something you will find valuable as we will share all we can in the 2-day boot camp, or in the 30 day free support after the boot camp.

I haven’t started my company, should I learn it now or after?

There’s never the “best time” to start, it is now. We love to work with aspiring entrepreneurs as we love to share what we have learned from our failures – on what you should avoid doing, or NOT doing. Enrol in the program before starting up helps you gain important insights into startup development from digital marketing perspective. Equipping yourself with the understanding on what numbers to look at helps you build a better action plan towards realising your startup idea. Bonus: our founder, Jason is a startup mentor known for his ability to help validate ideas and find the fastest way to materialize your MVP.

Do I need to know anything before I join the boot camp?

While the program is open for all level of proficiencies, it is best if you have some digital advertising experience. But not to worry, after you have enrolled yourself we will send you a preparation guide to help you kickstart your Facebook advertising journey with important knowledge before we go into the boot camp.

It is just a 2-day program, is it enough?

A good digital marketer are those who actively experiment and test new techniques based on fundamental knowledge – that’s exactly what we aim to equip you in the boot camp. You’ll learn important insights and techniques that we have acquired having spent years and hundreds of thousands in advertising, then we will work with you (30 day support) to find your style of doing it. Remember we said a good digital marketer experiments and tests all the time to find the best way to succeed? We teach you exactly how to experiment and test.

How does Tribeup Academy compare to other training providers?

We never attended any similar programs by other training providers, but based on the feedback from our participants, they learned nowhere near what they were promised. Most training providers teach basic knowledge, but as a digital agency we work with you to make sure you’re able to connect the dots, establishing higher level strategy formation and critical thinking to make your campaigns work. 

Most training providers are teachers, but we are practitioners. We work directly with Facebook representatives, always keep ourselves updated with latest changes, developments, techniques, tactics and methods to optimize Facebook marketing campaigns – we do this every day working on our clients’ Facebook advertising campaigns, spending tens of thousands for various brands every month.

How about learning those skills online by myself?

Definitely! Jason, our founder, learned all his digital marketing and growth hacking skills himself. To reach his level, Jason worked with over 50 brands big and small (some are startups he founded) in the past 6 years, spent hundreds of thousands in advertising, uncountable hours experimenting and testing and continuous learning to stay updated… We started Tribeup Academy with a very simple mission – to help businesses grow using digital tools more effectively by packing years of experience into a short program so that you don’t need to spend years acquiring them.