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#1 Facebook Advertising Training Company.

Learn effective Facebook advertising techniques from Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional and Facebook Preferred Partner who managed and guided over RM10 millions of Facebook ad spend to date.

Join the 5,000+ individuals from 200+ brands in 30+ countries to learn the right way to do Facebook ads with Tribeup Academy.


Work with Jason Live for 6 days to Build Your Next Winning Facebook Ads Campaign.

Step-by-step guided learning. 1 key learning every day with homework to help you master the proven techniques to build your Next Winning Facebook Ads Campaign.


Learn Proven Method to Design Effective Facebook Ads for your Shopee Store.

Join over 600+ from Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and more to learn the Most Effective Way to run Facebook ads for Shopee Store.


Learn Proven Method to Design Effective Facebook Ads for your Lead Generation.

Join over 200+ from 30+ countries to learn the Most Effective Facebook Ads Method to Generate More Leads at Lower Cost.

FB Ads Analytics Masterclass

Learn How To Analyze Facebook Ads Data To Find Opportunities To Optimize Campaign Performance.

Guided by real case studies, Jason shows you how he uses the important metrics available in Facebook Ads Manager to find opportunities to optimize your Facebook ads ROI.

iOS 14 Update for FB Ads [NEW]

Learn the Impact of iOS 14 Update on Facebook advertising and How to Navigate the Next Steps.

Jason shared first hand information that he received from Facebook developer to help you navigate the next steps to shelter through the iOS 14 update challenge.

FB Ads for Shopify Store [NEW]

Learn from Real Shopify Seller who have achieved Double Digit Growth and Up to 9X ROAS with Facebook Ads.

Christopher Heng from Arcana Exotic Leathers will join Jason to unveil his techniques on how he achieved average 5-10X ROAS for his Shopify store using Facebook ads.

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