Effective Facebook Marketing Boot Camp – Batch #1 (17-18 May 2016)

We launched Tribeup Academy and the started to accept registration for our first Effective Facebook Marketing Boot Camp on 29 April 2016 – fast forward 3 weeks later we had our first boot camp successfully organized at @CAT at Wisma Yeap Chor Ee last week.

Tribeup Academy’s signature Effective Facebook Marketing Boot Camp started as a corporate coaching program in mid 2015. Brands we have trained includes New Bob Group, Bread History, Bob Car, Elianto and more. With the aim to help more businesses grow leveraging on digital tools more effectively, we decided to open this proven effective program to more SMBs in the market.

Effective Facebook Marketing Boot Camp is an advance level training for businesses that aims to understand more about Facebook advertising tools such as Facebook Pixel, Custom Audience, Custom Conversion and more. We covered all tools inside Facebook Advertising Manager, do’s and don’ts of Facebook advertising targeting, advertising design and advertising copywriting. A lot of case studies discussed on the first day.

On the second day, we went on to cover the “more” of the Effective Facebook Marketing Boot Camp – Adwords & Analytics. We discussed the tools available to create an effective keyword list. After understanding the advertising tools available, we had an in-depth discussion on Google Analytics. We studied the funnel realization methodology, and drilled deep into Google Analytics to identify the important key metrics for businesses and find out the possible ways to hack for growth.

At the end of the program, businesses will have a clearer picture on the platforms and tools. We will then work with businesses to form a cross-platform digital marketing strategy for execution. Different from other marketing training programs, Effective Facebook Marketing Boot Camp is a teach-and-consult program that allows participants to access to the team for questions, guidance and more for the next 30 days. A half-day revision session will be held one month later for an intensive Q&A session.

Want to learn how to get 300% growth in conversion? Join the next boot camp.


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