Our Mission is to help Businesses Grow Online.

“Software is eating the world,” said Marc Andreessen. He is right, but to move good software to change lives, we need good digital marketing, too.

While coding academies and schools pop up like mushroom all around the world, we reckon it is important to have someone helping these entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to create remarkable online presence for their products & services, to learn effective digital marketing.

Tribeup is a digital agency helping businesses like Electrolux, EcoWorld, Epson, Sunway, Elianto, Purple Cane & more in creating meaningful Facebook campaigns since 2010. Aside from helping businesses grow digitally, we are also passionate about building solutions for basic problems. In 2013, we created Instapps, a Facebook commerce SAAS & Kizapps, our mobile app development arm. In 2014 we created Printit, a mobile photo printing app; WXCity, a mobile loyalty SAAS.

Throughout the years we’ve spent over a million ringgit in Facebook advertising for brands and our startups alike, and countless hours in optimizing the campaigns to ensure we achieve the optimum ROI. We’ve learned a great deal on startup development, ecommerce activation, digital marketing and web/mobile apps development, and we’re ready to put together our experience into meaningful boot camps and workshops to help businesses grow digitally.

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