Tribeup Academy Affiliate Program

Affiliate Guide

Welcome on board. This guide will help you get started with some ideas to promote the classes. Fundamentally the 2 classes – Facebook Advertising Master Class and Facebook Advertising Advanced Class works as a funnel.

Following the funnel

Based on current commission structure, you’ll be rewarded RM100 for every referral to Facebook Advertising Master Class, and RM300 for every referral to Facebook Advertising Advanced Class. We recommend to start with promoting Facebook Advertising Master Class first as it is meant for beginner and intermediate advertisers, then upsell Facebook Advertising Advanced Class.

Upon completing Facebook Advertising Master Class, participants will be invited to sign up for Facebook Advertising Advanced Class with a discounted rate. If your referred participant sign up with the rate, you’re entitled for RM150 (50% of original referral commission). Should the participant sign up within 90 days after attended Master Class, you’re entitled for full commission of RM300.

Getting started

Affiliate marketing is now so much easier with the help of social media and other digital marketing tools that are made accessible and easily built without any technical knowledge. Here’s some ideas help you get started.

1. Share link

Sharing a link in various social network is the easiest way to start earning. First login to your Affiliate Control Panel and get the unique link and start posting. Share away through Messenger, Whatsapp or even email whenever people ask for recommendations for Facebook advertising classes. No tracking, our affiliate system will handle the rest to make sure you’re being rewarded for every successful referral.

Get affiliate link

Share on Facebook

2. Website banners

We’ve prepared a set of various web banners to be placed in your website, you can access it in the Affiliate Control Panel. Alternatively, you may also create your own ads/banners. If you’d like to include our class photos in your creative, feel free to request from us.

3. Blog post

Writing a blog post is another effective method to promote the class as you get to explain the benefits of the classes in greater detail. We recommend to write based on your own experience attending the classes, as it will help your readers to relate better. Read this article about how to write an effective affiliate blog post.

4. Mailing list

If you already have a database that’s interested in what you’re promoting, that would be the perfect fit. You can either plan a series of emails or a drip campaign to your mailing list, however we recommend to keep a softer approach in selling. You may read this article about how to promote affiliate marketing product to your mailing list.

Start today!

We can plan a thousand things but the key is to get started right away. Here’s some articles to help you get started, alternatively feel free to reach us if you require further more info. Talk soon!