Detailed targeting or go broad?

Detailed targeting or go broad?

Detailed targeting or go broad? Well, depending on how you use them.

But first we need to understand detailed targeting, those so called “interests”, how do they work actually?

They are definitely not “keyword” like how you approach Google ads.

Most of detailed targeting are not intent based. They are based on users interest, behaviour and others.

For example, targeting people who are interested in Ferrari won’t get you those who can afford one.

Now let’s talk about going broad, something I was skeptical about once.

Meta’s argument is that the algorithm is designed to find people who are likely to convert at the lower cost.

Provided your campaign converts well and feeds sufficient data back to the campaign to optimize continously.
So what’s the conclusion?

If you’re selling something that appeals to most people, going broad is an option as a start, then we optimise from there.

If you’re selling something that appeals to specific niche, detailed targeting could help you zoom in better.

My take on Facebook advertising is always about continuous experimentation.

There’s no so-called “right formula”. Just start moderately with the right framework and structure, and let the data help us improve.

Every business is unique, you should develop your own optimisation framework.

When is the time to scale? How much to push each time? When should you change creative?

Let the numbers guide you and build your own optimisation pace that follows your business goal.

If you’ve been running ads and wish to optimize your campaign for 20% more sales and leads within a month or two, I can help.
We will start by diving into your campaign to find out what’s working and what’s not.

First we close all the leaks in your campaign, restructure the campaign and then we leverage on what’s working to build a optimisation plan.

You’ll see the difference within 2-3 weeks.

If you’re sick of the guesswork, restarting your campaign over and over again when it “stops working” but just not sure why, let me help you.

Join my 1-on-1 optimisation program and let’s make 2024 the best year for your business with Facebook ads.

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