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Learn from Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional with over 10 years experience in managing & guiding over RM10mil in Facebook ad spend.

Facebook Ads Accelerator (FAA) is a growing video library for serious Facebook advertisers.

18 Hours of Recorded Videos, 230+ Lessons & Growing

The content in Facebook Ads Accelerator grows every month. We’re committed to add new lessons or courses on month basis.

Learn How to Design, Create & Optimize Facebook Ads That Deliver Optimum Results.

Access to The Most Comprehensive Facebook Ads Online Learning Platform to unlock these Awesome Courses.

Course 1 – Effective FB Ads Audience Targeting Techniques

1-hour course covering my 5 signature audience targeting strategies that we’ve been using on clients’ Facebook ads campaigns. You’ll never view audience targeting the same way again.

Value: RM480

Course 2 – Designing Effective Facebook Ads

In this 1-hour course, I shared what worked and what didn’t in Facebook ads design and copywriting, learning from my past 10 years running Facebook ads for 200+ clients.

Value: RM480

Course 3 – Decoding Facebook Ads Manager

In this extensive 3-hour course, I give you detailed walkthrough on how to use each and everyone of the tools and features inside Facebook Ads Manager. You’ll be transformed after going thru the 42 lessons.

Value: RM680

Course 4 – Choosing The Right FB Ads Objective

I explain how each and every one of the Facebook ads objective works, paired with case studies and do’s and don’ts so that you’re able to start right. The 2-hour course contains 27 lessons to help you start.

Value: RM580

Course 5 – FB Messenger Chatbot Masterclass

You’ll learn how to build your own full functioning Messenger chatbot for FREE using ManyChat. Blueprints for various industries are included with step-by-step walkthroughts. This is a 4-hour course.

Value: RM880

Course 6 – Building Free Website with WordPress

In this 38-lesson course, you’ll be given step-by-step guide on how to build a full functioning website with WordPress, using all the free tools and plugins. This is a written course.

Value: RM580

Course 7 – FB Ads Templates & Calculators

Access to all the templates and calculators I use in managing Facebook ads campaigns. Featuring audience size calculators, FB Ads Tracking Kit and many more. This is a growing section.

Value: RM480

Course 8 – Facebook Ads Analytics Masterclass

In this 2-hour course (and growing) I’ll walk you through how to uncover Actionable Insights from Facebook ads metrics to identify growth opportunities. This is a growing course.

Value: RM580

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A software that I always wanted to visualize the Facebook ads funnels that i’m building. It gives greater clarity on the overall process to make debugging easier.

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You get 1 session of 1-to-1 coaching with Jason when you signup for FAA.

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You’ll be invited to an exclusive Facebook Group where you get to ask any questions about Facebook ads, my team and I will help you solve your challenges.

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Total Value: RM9,140

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Hi, I’m Jason.

I teach all the courses in Facebook Ads Accelerator.

I’ve helped over 200 brands accelerate their digital growth with effective Facebook advertising since 2010. I’ve also trained over 3,500 individuals on Facebook advertising related topics.

I’ve been a Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional since 2017.

Since 2010, I’ve managed and guided over RM10mil in Facebook ads spend.

What Others Say about Facebook Ad Accelerator

Sounds Awesome. But Do You Need It?

Learn from real, painful mistakes I personally made, so that you don’t need to.

This is not just “another Facebook ads course or training”, this is your Ultimate Reference to Navigate Success in Facebook Advertising backed by real case studies I learned from managing clients’ campaigns, and learning with over 3,500+ Facebook advertisers.

Your business can’t afford more “trial and errors”. Join FAA today to immediately cut short your learning curve. I’m committed to Help you Start Right Instantly.

More Questions? Sure!

How much content is in the FAA now?

We have over 210+ Facebook ads related lessons in the Facebook Ads Accelerator Membership Program online library now. Mostly are video trainings, some templates, calculators. New lectures will be added every month. You’ll also get access to Facebook ads related templates and calculators in the Facebook Ads Accelerator Membership Program online library.

Who is Facebook Ads Accelerator for?

Facebook Ads Accelerator Program is built for serious Facebook advertisers aiming to increase ROI and profit. We’ve trained over 3,500 individuals from various industries, and worked with over 200 brands in their Facebook advertising and marketing activities. I’m going to share from real case studies and experience. If you want to up your Facebook ads game to increase ROI and profit, this program is perfect for you.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yup. Within the first 7 days of being a member of Facebook Ads Accelerator Membership Program and you don’t find the content useful, write to us at billing@tribeup.my and we will proceed with full refund.

How often are new lectures being added?

New lectures will be added every month. Most of the time more than once.

Will Jason answer my questions?

Definitely! There will be Live sessions in the private Facebook group and Jason will answer your questions and share tips with you.

Is FAA good for beginners?

Absolutely! Most of the videos and lectures inside Facebook Ads Accelerator are geared towards beginners, especially those detailed walkthrough and how-to videos. You’ll find the guides handy to help you start right.

Still have questions? Ask us.

Start Facebook Advertising Right Today

The Facebook Ads Accelerator is beyond an online learning program. I’m committed to update the content monthly, including video lessons, templates, kits that I personally use in managing clients’ campaigns.

To be exact, here’s what you’re getting immediately upon joining Facebook Ads Accelerator today:

✔️ Full Access to All Courses & Templates – There’s no drip or content gate. You get EVERYTHING AT ONCE.

✔️ Unlimited Future Updates – As long as you remain a member of FFA, you will get full access to all future courses, lessons, templates, EVERYTHING.

✔️ Private Facebook Group – This is your tribe, and my team and I got your back. I’ll also go Live regularly to answer your questions.

✔️ Learn at your own pace – Learn anytime, anywhere, with unlimited revisions ALL YEAR LONG.

Join me to become better Facebook advertiser today.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee


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