3-hr workshop.

Facebook Ads Analytics Workshop.

Facebook Ads Analytics Workshop strictly for active Facebook advertisers only. Requires active Facebook ads campaigns to optimize learning.

Limited to 15 participants only

Look for the right numbers to guide the right decisions.

Facebook advertising provides a huge amount of data, but how to look for the Right Numbers to guide the Right Decisions is the key.

In this 3-hour Facebook Ads Analytics Workshop, we will share practical methods about:

How to identify important key metrics that matters to each campaign objective

How to analyze important key metrics to determine the effectiveness of Facebook ads campaign

How to identify growth opportunities to increase ROI and reduce budget waste

Right number for right action.

3-hour Facebook Ads Analytic Workshop to help you discover important metrics.

A good Facebook ads campaign consists of 3 main pillars about:

  • Reaching the Right Audience
  • With the Right message
  • To command the Right Action (Objective)

Many advertisers tend to start changing ad visuals and copywriting, or adjusting the audience targeting settings whenever the result drops or cost goes up.

Things may not be as simple as that.

Real case studies.

Step-by-step walkthrough to help you learn.

Join the 3-hour Facebook Ads Analytics Workshop to learn the methods to dive deeper and discover important data to guide the right decision.

With case studies and step-by-step walkthrough, I’ll share with you how to analyze various combinations of metrics to identify key metrics to aid decision making. Facebook Custom Metrics will be used heavily.

Here’s what you’ll learn.

How to customize Custom Metrics in Ads Manager

5 Custom Metrics Templates – Traffic, Reach, Lead Gen, Conversion (Ecommerce), CPAS (Shopee Store)

How to visualize Action Funnels to identify optimization opportunities

To make sure all data shared during the workshop is kept confidential, participants are not allowed to record (video or audio) and take photos.

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