Facebook Ads Analytics Masterclass

This Step-by-Step Course Will Show You How To Analyze Facebook Ads Data To Find Opportunities To Optimize Campaign Performance.

What makes a Good Facebook Advertiser? One that has the eye to read the data and uncover Actionable Metrics in Facebook Ads Manager to find opportunities to Increase Campaign ROI, Reduce Budget Waste and more.

This 2-hour course consists of various real life case studies, where I’ll walk you through the analytical process to help you master the skills needed to analyze Facebook ads data and metrics.

Use the Facebook Ads Metrics Tracking Kit to monitor important metrics to keep track of performance change. You’ll learn how to spot when a campaign is going sideways, and pinpoint the area to fix immediately.

How To Read Facebook Ads Metrics?
Which Data Set To Track?
How To Spot Improvement Opportunities?

Facebook Ads Analytics Masterclass gives you step-by-step guidance on how to find and read important Facebook ads data and metrics, to uncover problems to fix and opportunities to increase ad performance instantly.

This is a course you must master if you have been advertising on Facebook but don’t know how to analyze your campaign performance from Facebook ads data and metrics in Facebook Ads Manager.

Practical Steps & Methods Right From The Start.

This is not some theoretical based course. Jason will get your started right with the Right Answers for the Right Questions:

✔️ How to Navigate and Analyze Facebook Custom Data and Metrics?

✔️ How to Analyze Campaign Performance Charts?

✔️ How to Analyze Facebook Ads Campaigns with Different Ads Objectives?

Learn Online. Start Instantly.

✔️ This is a recorded video course. You’ll be given access within 24 hours upon payment.

✔️ You will have lifetime access to the course, including future updates.

✔️ 7-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Detailed, Step-by-Step Learning To Help You Start Right.

You’ll be shown how exactly Jason analyzes Facebook ad campaigns with Step-By-Step Guides, answering each question above with actionable guides that you can follow.

Jason has been a since 2017. He has managed and guided over RM10mil in Facebook ads spent for over 200 brands since 2010.

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Learn How To Analyze Your Facebook Ads Analytics To Improve Campaign Performance Now.

14 Lessons, 2 Hours of Video Courses & Growing.

This is a growing course where new case studies will be added from time to time. By purchasing the course, you gain access to all future content updates.


No time limit. Repeat as many times as you like.


Learn anywhere as long as you have internet access.


No schedule. Full control on when and where to learn.

It’s Only USD37

Instantly Save 62% from Normal Price USD97

Questions? Sure!

If you’re reading up to this section, you are seriously considering to enrol in the Facebook Ads Analytics Masterclass Course.

Now let’s go thru some of the most frequently asked questions about Facebook Ads for Shopee Store Course.

I haven't started advertising on Facebook, is this course suitable for me?

You must have active Facebook ads campaigns to start analyzing. But don’t worry, you can join our 6-Day Challenge to learn how to build your next Facebook ads campaign right.

Must I have active campaigns to analyze? How about past campaigns?

Yes you can use the analytical techniques to analyze past campaigns. In fact it is good to start that way too because you can immediately learn from those campaigns, helps in building your future campaigns.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yup. Within the first 7 days if you don’t find the content useful, write to us at billing@tribeup.my and we will proceed with full refund.

Are there enough step-by-step walkthroughs to help me start?

At least 80% of the lessons are step-by-step walkthroughs. You’ll learn from real case studies and real campaigns and see how Jason analyzes them.

When is the class?

Now! Everything is online and you will be emailed your login access within 24 hours upon payment. You can start learning right away!

Still have questions? Ask us.

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Learn How To Analyze Your Facebook Ads Campaigns Now.

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