Facebook Ads Audit

Your Facebook Ads Campaigns can perform better.

Let’s dive into your Facebook ads campaigns data to identify opportunities to improve campaign performance, reduce budget waste and breakthrough your current bottleneck.

In this 1-hour, 1-to-1 Facebook Ads Audit session we will analyze your existing Facebook ads campaigns to identify what you have done right or wrong. By analyzing key metrics we will find opportunities to increase your Facebook ads campaign performance and ROI.

We will wrap the Facebook Ads Audit session with an action plan, detailing the steps you should take to improve your Facebook ads campaign performance.

How Facebook Ads Audit works?

We will cover the session from several angles as follow:

1. Campaign Structure

Is your Facebook ads account setup properly? We will share do’s and don’ts of Facebook ads campaigns structure so that you know how to improve.

2. Target Audience

Is your target too broad or too narrow? Are you advertising to the right audience? Are you over-reaching and creating ad fatigue?

3. Ads Objective

Are you getting “the right actions” what will bring “the right results” to your business? Even if you target the right audience, wrong objective will break your campaign.

4. Creative & Copywriting

Are your ads doing their job to help you capture attention for the next action? Are they being set up properly? How can we improve for lower cost per result?

5. Landing Page

Where are you taking your audience to? Does it load fast? Is it aligned with your Facebook ads? Does it work in commanding action?

5. Your Strategy

How are you building the customer journey to “help your audience convert”? Is it sound and achievable? Are you set for long term success or short term goals?

Facebook Ads Audit case studies

Watch the case studies to understand how we perform Facebook Ads Audit on your Facebook Ads Manager.

Case study 1: Messages Objective

Case study 1: Traffic Objective

Hi, this is Jason.

I’ll be working with you to perform the Facebook Ads Audit.

I’ve helped over 200 brands accelerate their digital growth with effective Facebook advertising since 2010. I’ve also trained over 3,500 individuals on Facebook advertising related topics.

I’ve been a Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional since 2017.

Since 2010, I’ve managed and guided over RM10mil in Facebook ads spend.

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The Process

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  • Our team will be in touch to schedule the call
  • We use Zoom and you’re required to share your screen
  • We will analyze and dissect the campaigns
  • Upon completion, you’ll receive a report with action plans
  • A follow up call will be scheduled within a month
  • All calls will be recorded for you

The Facebook Ads Audit is meant for existing Facebook advertisers only. If you run ads to drive traffic, make sure you have Google Analytics installed.

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  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Fee: RM650 (Appx. USD150)
  • Conducted via Zoom

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100% Money Back Guarantee – If you’re not convinced that the plan we detailed for you can improve your campaign performance, we will give you full refund.


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