Facebook Ads to Increase conversions on your website – Conversion Window

One of the most overlooked Facebook advertising objective is the one to help you increase conversion on your website. Most advertisers are confused between the objective to drive website clicks and increase conversion – what are the differences?

First of all, we need to start by understanding the mechanics of Facebook advertising objectives. We started with 5 or less advertising objectives to 11 last month to 13 now. I believe the list will keep growing but at the bottom of it we need to understand how Facebook determined the objectives – It is actually categorized by how a set of actions a person likely to take in response to a post.

For example, your saved audience is 10,000 people who likes to jog in your city. If you use the same saved audience to boost your post and to drive website clicks, the outcome may be different. This is because out of this 10,000 people, there are say for example, 1,500 people who falls in the category of people who are more likely to like a post instead of clicking on a website link. For your ads to boost your post, which the objective is to get more engagement such as likes, comments or shares, Facebook will prioritize the ads to this 1,500 people. Meanwhile on the other hand, there are 3,000 people among the 10,000 saved audience determined by Facebook to be more likely to click on a website link, then your ads to drive website clicks is more likely to be shown to them.

Simply put, Facebook advertising objectives are based on what Facebook thinks you’re more likely to do when you see a post, based on how you use Facebook analyzed by the algorithm. That’s the basic understanding we need to establish before going into Facebook advertising.

Today we’re discussing something new in the Facebook advertising targeting setup for conversion: the conversion window.

I didn’t see this a week ago, so I guess it is something newly implemented. But what is it actually? It turns out to be the option for you to tell Facebook how long does a person convert after seeing your ads for the first time. The options available is 1 day or 7 days.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 11.39.35 PM

Conversion window for 1 day or 7 days is the latest ads optimization options. Default charging mechanics for website conversion ads is now per thousand impression.

Official explanation by Facebook: A conversion window is the length of time between someone clicking or viewing your ad and completing a valuable action you’ve defined as a conversion event. The window you select here lets us know whether to focus on 1 day or 7 days worth of conversion data when determining who should see your ad.

Unless you’re selling something that you believe people will buy right away, like fashion or retail items, I’d recommend you to opt for 7 days which I believe it is more likely to show your ads more to “those who are more likely to convert based on your defined conversion”.

On the side note

While the default bidding (when you get charged) for website click ads is now CPC, conversion ads’ default charging mechanics remain as cost per thousand impression (CPM). I believe this is because Facebook is adjust their ads to optimize each ads for optimum ROI. I think this is a good thing.

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 1.29.36 AM

For website click ads, default charging mechanics is per link click (CPC).

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