Facebook ads online workshop.

3 Key Questions to Effective Facebook Ads Campaigns

Free 3-Lesson Facebook Ads Online Workshop to help Facebook advertisers create Effective Facebook Ads Campaigns.

3 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Facebook Advertising

Lesson 1: What is the Right Target Audience Size?

Almost 90% of my past students (over 3,500 of them since 2016) asked this question. I’ll be sharing a formula on how to determine the optimum target audience size for your Facebook ads campaigns.

Lesson 2: How to plan Facebook Ads Budget?

How much is enough? What’s a good amount to start? Over the past 10 years managing over RM10mil in Facebook ads for clients like EcoWorld, Purple Cane, Sunway Property and over 200+ brands, I’ll share with you how I plan Facebook ads budget effectively.

Lesson 3: How to create Effective Facebook Custom Audiences?

Custom Audience is Facebook’s most valuable creation for Facebook advertisers, however many still find it confusing. Based on our survey 80% of Facebook advertisers fail to unleash the full potential of Custom Audience. I’ll be sharing 3 tips on how to create effective Custom Audiences to optimize your Facebook ads campaign.

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