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Get Facebook Ads for Shopee Store Course NOW!

How to Find The Right Audience?
Which Ads Objective to use?
How to Design Right Ads?
How to Advertise Without CPAS?

How to Create Facebook Ads for Shopee Store To Increase Conversion? If that’s your question, this course is the Ultimate Guide to help you Start Right.

Facebook Ads for Shopee Store is a course cut out for you to learn everything you need to know to run Facebook & Instagram Ads that Converts for a Shopee Store or any ecommerce marketplace stores.

Practical Steps & Methods Right From The Start.

This is not some theoretical based course. Jason will get your started right with the Right Answers for the Right Questions:

✔️ How to Design Ads for Shopee Store?

✔️ How to Retarget Audiences without Pixel?

✔️ How to Setup Facebook Ads for Cold Audiences?

✔️ How to Setup Facebook Ads for Warm Audiences?

Detailed, Step-by-Step Learning To Help You Start Right.

You’ll be shown how exactly Jason creates Facebook ads for Shopee Store with Step-By-Step Guides, answering each question above with actionable guides that you can follow.

The methodology used in this course is proven, guided over RM2mil in Facebook ads spent since 2016 for various brands that sell on ecommerce platforms like Shopee, Lazada, Amazon and more.

Jason has been a Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional since 2017. He has managed and guided over RM10mil in Facebook ads spent for over 200 brands since 2010.

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Learn How To Create Facebook Ads for Shopee Store That Converts.

Now It’s Time For A Decision.

The way I see it, you have 3 options.

Option #1

Do absolutely nothing and continue to spend your hard-earned money on trial and error. One day, you’ll get it right.

Option #2

Do it yourself. There are free contents or books on this subject available out there. Just google it…if you have plenty of time on your hands and getting immediate results is not your priority.

Option #3

Let me do the heavy lifting for you and present you with ONLY what works that you can pick up and immediately.

Only you can decide.

Questions? Sure!

If you’re reading up to this section, you are seriously considering to enrol in the Facebook Ads for Shopee Store Course.

Now let’s go thru some of the most frequently asked questions about Facebook Ads for Shopee Store Course.

Will Facebook Ads For Shopee Store Course work for me?

If you’ve been advertising on Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic, but not sure how to do it right to meaningfully increase conversion, you need to enrol in this course. It is the unknown unknown that’s costing you a lot of money, you need to learn how to drive traffic that converts for your Shopee Store with the right Facebook advertising techniques.

What exactly am I getting from Facebook Ads for Shopee Store Course?

You’ll learn by watching how Jason sets up a complete multi-tier Facebook advertising campaign for a Shopee Store. You’ll learn how he design the ads, how he sets the audience targeting, how he sets the exclusion and how he puts up the ad. Complete A to Z.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yup. Within the first 7 days of being a member of Facebook Ads Accelerator Membership Program and you don’t find the content useful, write to us at and we will proceed with full refund.

Can I have someone to look at my Facebook Ads Campaign Performance now?

For limited time, signing up for Facebook Ads Analytics Masterclass you’re entitled for 1 session of Facebook Ads Audit by Jason, which is $197 in value. Get personalized, actionable suggestions from Jason right on your Facebook ads campaigns.

Are there enough step-by-step walkthroughs to help me start?

At least 80% of the lessons are step-by-step walkthroughs. You’ll learn from real case studies and real campaigns and see how Jason sets them up.

Still have questions? Ask us.

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Learn How To Create Facebook Ads for Shopee Store That Converts.

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