Facebook Advertising Campaign Audit by Blueprint Certified Professional

Is your Facebook advertising campaign optimized for optimum ROI? Are you reaching to the right target audience? Or maybe you just need help from an expert to learn the latest changes in Facebook advertising? Let’s find out via our Facebook Advertising Campaign Audit program – one of the most comprehensive audit program in the market. Together we dive into your Facebook advertising account, identifying optimization opportunities and put together a Facebook Advertising Action Plan for your business.

Why do you need Facebook Advertising Campaign Audit?

Either you’re managing your Facebook advertising campaign yourself or having an agency handling it, have you wondered if there are ways to achieve more compare to your current ROI? Even if you have gone through our Facebook advertising trainings, you may not have time to go through all the optimization techniques we shared. And Facebook changes too fast, it is difficult to keep up.

Is there holes in your campaign or funnel? Let’s find out and fix them.

It is important to run periodical audit on your overall Facebook advertising campaign to help you identify opportunities to fine tune, optimize and even avoid budget waste. You can expect below benefits after a professional Facebook Advertising Campaign Audit:

  • Identify areas of spend waste (holes?)
  • Identify opportunities to fine tune/optimize
  • Identify funnel fine-tuning/expansion opportunities
  • Enhance target audience segmentation
  • Identify areas of improvement on ads creative and landing page design

Let’s find out what’s working and what’s not.

Get your Facebook advertising campaign audited by Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional – an advanced level certification program by Facebook. Click the badge below to view certification.

How we do it?

You will be participating in the entire audit process, and it is advisable to keep your campaign running during the audit, unless we identified fatal errors that require immediate rectification. The whole process will take about 7 to 14 days.

Step 1: Objective Review

Is Facebook advertising campaign formed by multiple objectives – a series of actions that leads to the end goal?

Step 2: Structure Review

Are you grouping the ad sets in the proper manner? How do you structure for split testing and optimizations?

Step 3: Audience Review

Are you targeting the right audience with the right objective and communicating the right way as their funnel layer?

Step 4: Adverts Review

Are your ads design and copywriting optimized based on best practices and according to audiences’ customer journey?

Step 5: Landing Page Review

Are your web destinations optimized for the action you’re driving? Does it carry strong call-to-action that converts?

Step 6: Reporting & Action Plan

We will go into the details of our findings and suggest a Facebook Advertising Action Plan for growth!

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Ready to unfold the Facebook advertising optimization opportunities to multiply your Facebook advertising campaign ROI? Here’s the process you’ll be going through:

  • Step 1: Sign up for Facebook Advertising Campaign Audit
  • Step 2: 30-min initial discussion & account access
  • Step 3: Final call/meeting for Report & Action Plan sharing with your team

Requirement: There must be active/ready to publish campaign in your ads account

Your investment: RM800 per audit – 100% Money Back Guarantee

Our representative will be in touch within 24 hours for call arrangement. Sign up today!


Can I use this audit for more than one campaign?

Of course! Our contextual advertising approach encourages multi-campaign to build funnel. We will approach the audit at both campaign and funnel level. However, the audit is for one ads manager account only.

Can I bring my team to the call/meeting?

Please do, but try limiting it to 3 person to optimize the outcome. If you have an agency handling your campaign, bring him along too.

Is it a must to have active ads to be audited?

Not really. If you’re about to start your campaign, but not yet click the button, it is good to go through the audit before you put the money to Facebook.

Is there money back guarantee?

Yes. During the first 30 minutes of the call/meeting, if you find our stuffs absolutely crap, call for a stop there and then and we will proceed with full refund. No hard feelings.

Will there by any follow up meetings?

Based on what we have discussed in the consulting session, we provide 1 month email support for follow up questions.

More questions? Talk to us!