Facebook Advertising Strategy Case Study Seminar By Digital Agency

This is not typical Facebook marketing trainings, courses, or previews that you’ve attended before. We packed this 3-hour seminar with real case studies and we walk you through the steps on how we strategize Facebook advertising campaign for our clients.

We are constantly reinventing our training programs to help businesses better understand the effective ways to optimize their Facebook advertising campaigns for better ROI. Facebook Advertising Strategy Case Study Seminar is our answer to help busy businesses owners, managers and digital marketers to grab key techniques that can be implemented to their businesses right away.

Why Tribeup Academy? 2 reasons. Firstly, we are practitioners and manage hundreds of thousands in Facebook ads spend monthly. Secondly, we’re Facebook Blueprint Certified. Click the badge below to view the certificates.

What You’ll Learn on this 3-hour Case Study Seminar?

Discover how a digital agency helps businesses discover growth opportunities, and develop Facebook advertising strategy for B2B and e-commerce growth. By the end of the seminar you will be able to get a better understanding of:

  • What is Facebook Advertising and how does it work?
  • How to illustrate your customer journey?
  • What kind of data should I look at to identify growth opportunities?
  • How to segmentize audiences for effective Facebook advertising?
  • How do I measure success?
  • How to build a Facebook advertising strategy for your business?

Case studies will be discussed to illustrate our Facebook advertising strategy development process.

Join Facebook Advertising Strategy Case Study Seminar

Date: 14 April 2018 (Saturday), 9am-12pm
Venue: SVOFO @ Sunway Nexis
Fee: RM50/pax | RM100/3pax

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