It’s time to get ahead of your competition

What sets you apart from your competitors who also advertise on Facebook, is your strategy. But the question is, do you advertise with a strategy?

What is a Facebook advertising strategy?

Let’s say, do you agree that no one, will buy from you the first time they see your ad? If so, my question is: what do you do to “remind” them, and lead them to take the action you desire, which is to buy?

Facebook advertising is not a one-action-for-all kind of advertising, it requires planning and strategic thinking to design “a series of actions that leads to the end goal”.

That, is Facebook advertising strategy.

Facebook Advertising Strategy Development Program helps you view Facebook advertising in a holistic perspective, releasing you from the “micro perspective” of the normal boring stuffs such as drilling in audience targeting tricks, data hacks, chasing after Facebook policy or algorithm changes, etc.

Those are merely buzzwords and confusions. You won’t need to move much if you have a working strategy, that’s your fundamental core that remains pretty much unchanged.

I was struggling with getting results from my Facebook advertising efforts until I joined Tribeup Academy’s Facebook Advertising Master Class and Advanced class. Jason was awesome in sharing the practical aspects and strategies on advertising on the Facebook platform. Best return on investment compared to wasting time and money testing out different advertising approaches on my own!

Andrew Wong
e-Lock Corporation Sdn Bhd

The Macro Perspective of Facebook Advertising

You must be able to see the “macro perspective” of Facebook advertising to build a solid strategy. A solid Facebook advertising strategy that allows you to free your time and focus to something more important.

A Facebook advertising strategy works for you, not the other way around. Let’s build yours together.

The classes conducted in Tribeup are insightful and relevant for those who wants to be competent in Facebook marketing. Jason is very well versed and experience in this field. Definitely someone you want to look for.

Steven Tang

Ready to become Facebook Advertising Strategist?

Next session: 23-24 Jan 2019, 10am-5pm

Venue: Tribeup Academy @ Sunway Giza (See map)

Limited to 6 person/session

2-day class | 1-on-1 coaching

Money-back guarantee

Master Facebook Advertising At A Whole New Level

Take charge, be in control. Not just in terms of the tools but also in terms of what you should be getting out of your advertising budget. We will help you master the thinking process of a Facebook advertising strategist, allowing you to capture key opportunities for optimization when they happen.

As the business owner, Facebook advertising is a must-do today! Through Tribeup Academy, I learn so much about Facebook advertising strategies which generating 1.5x greater sales profit than before! Thanks to Tribeup & also Jason!

Jay Yong
Feels Group Asia

Facebook Advertising Strategy Development Program

What will you learn?

This is a totally different learning experience you’ve ever experience in terms of Facebook advertising. You’ll be guided by Jason as well as carefully crafted questions, worksheets, and guides.

The thrill is about unlocking the secrets and unleashing the potential of your business, leveraging on Facebook advertising and digital marketing as a whole. This program is carefully crafted by Jason, find out more about Jason's work.

This is the outline of the program:

Day 1 - The Planning Chapter

  • Is Facebook advertising working for your business?
  • Find the most accurate target audience for your business
  • Reposition your products/services for Facebook advertising
  • Design your product discovery journey
  • 3 types of Facebook advertising strategies - find yours

Day 2 - The Execution Chapter

  • Identify & segmentize your most viable audiences
  • Implement and troubleshoot your strategy
  • Validate your strategy with vital numbers
  • Optimize your strategy in the long run

We understand the commitment you're putting in, and we are putting our full commitment in the program too. Try out the class at least for the first day, we have a risk-free, no-question-asked,  100% money-back guarantee.

Strategies that you can put to use immediately after class to achieve optimum ROI with minimal budget. You can only get these from trainers who really practice what they preach. Thank you Jason for the walk-through and guidance in helping us develop practical Facebook advertising strategy. Get your questions ready before attending the classes, you’ll get more than you expect.

Lucas Ng
UR Klinik

The Program Works

95% of participants recommends Jason's classes

(more than 3,000 have learned with Jason)

Become A Facebook Advertising Strategist

You’ll be learning in an exclusive, small class with maximum 5 other businesses - strictly no competitors in the room. This program is meant to be long term, engaged and guided to make sure you’re able to get the most out of it.

How will you learn

The Facebook Advertising Strategy Development Program goes beyond the 2-day physical class, in fact it starts the moment you sign up as we will be sending you the first set of questions to help you understand your progress.

  • 2 day training, including case studies and Q&A
  • 50+ questions to guide and challenge your current thinking process
  • 4 sessions of 60-min, 1-on-1 coaching session (worth RM2,400)
  • Exclusive supplemental materials for download
  • 24/7 moderated discussion group for peer network and learning

The program is strictly non competitive. Once you booked your seat, your competitors can’t join the session you’re in. Act fast, sign up now to book your seat.

Jason Gan is a very dedicated trainer. He shared a lot of case studies about his past experience and the information that he shared with us are priceless. Not just the insightful information, I was also able to have hands-on experience in the class. The training is very informative and practical, interesting as well. Instead of those boring teaching style, he used a very interactive way to conduct the training and used a lot of case studies from his past experience to show us on how to write and create effective Facebook ads. Now, I’m able to create all these Facebook ads without over budgeting. Thank you Jason.

Wilson Lim

Your Best Strategy Starts Here

Next session: 23-24 Jan 2019, 10am-5pm

Venue: Tribeup Academy @ Sunway Giza (See map)

Limited to 6 person/session

2-day class | 1-on-1 coaching

Money-back guarantee

This Is A Program For YOU

The Facebook Advertising Strategy Development Program is tailored-made for you. We intentionally keep the class really small - only 6 person max per class - so that we’re able to work with you very closely to build your Facebook Advertising Strategy that works.

It was a small class that we really got to ask questions whenever needed. Jason is extremely knowledgeable in Facebook advertising.

Audrey Ang
MTT Properties & Development Sdn Bhd

This program is designed to work with you for your business growth in the long run. Within a year after you’ve completed the program, you’re entitled for 4 sessions of  1-on-1 coaching with Jason to gain on-point, insightful suggestions to help you improve your Facebook advertising strategy.

Jason is knowledgable, experienced and enthusiastic in sharing his thought on Facebook Marketing. The advices given by him are insightful and relevant to us. He is also very professional and committed, and will ensure we can maximise our ROI. The classes conducted at Tribeup helped us to strengthen our digital marketing presence and the constructive social media practices had enhanced our customer experience funnel. Most importantly, we managed to capture the digital marketing shares and reach out to more target audience via different strategies and creative approaches.

Janice Lim
Aspen Group

Are you ready to take charge?

The Facebook Advertising Strategy Development Program is designed for serious Facebook advertisers who wish to achieve optimum ROI from Facebook advertising. You must be:

  • Active Facebook advertiser who have spent min RM5000 in the last quarter
  • Have used min 5 Facebook advertising objectives in your past campaigns
  • Strongly believe that you are yet to get the most out of Facebook advertising

If you feel that you’re yet to be ready for this program, consider to join our Facebook Advertising Master Class that lays the important fundamental to help you get started with Facebook advertising.


Is this a physical class or online class?

This is a physical, 2-day training program from 10am to 5pm.

Any pre-requisite to join the class?

This is a class for advanced Facebook advertisers. We encourage you to join our Master Class before joining this class.

Is there any money back guarantee?

Yes. During the first 4-hour of the program, if you find our stuffs absolutely crap, let us know and we will proceed with full refund. No hard feelings.

Will there be any revision classes?

We run our Strategy Development Program on monthly basis. Should you need to attend a revision, we provide 50% discount for each revision you wish to attend. However revision slot reserved for Advanced Class is limited, please check with our team to book early.

Will there by any follow up coaching sessions?

Yes, you're entitled to have 4 sessions of 1-on-1 coaching with Jason, within a year from the day you completed the Facebook Advertising Strategy Development Program.

How much does it cost?

The full price is RM3,800 per person, including 2-day physical training program and 4 sessions of 1-on-1 coaching.

Do I get certified after the program?

This program is not accredited by any organization. However, we will provide you certificate of completion upon completing the program.

Is this program HRDF claimable?

Jason is a HRDF certified trainer, however Tribeup Academy is yet to become a HRDF training organization, and we are yet to have plan to go through the process to become one. No, this program is NOT HRDF claimable.

Any special rate for groups?

Good question! The answer is yes. The full price is RM3,800 per person. If you enrol 2 person and above, the price for each person is RM2,500. The condition is you must be from the same organization, and you share the 1-on-1 coaching sessions as a group.

More questions? Talk to us!