Learn from Real Shopify Seller who have achieved Double Digit Growth and Up to 9X ROAS with Facebook Ads.

Christopher Heng from Arcana Exotic Leathers will join Jason in this 2-day live training to unveil his techniques on how he achieved average 5-10X ROAS for his Shopify store using Facebook ads. Watch Christopher’s interview.

What’s Covered?

✔️ How to optimize your Shopify store – Christopher will share his essential tools, store setup and configuration best practices to get your Shopify store ready for Facebook advertising success.

✔️ Designing the Facebook Ads Framework – Christopher will share how he designs his Facebook advertising framework, what are the design and copywriting best practices and more.

✔️ Deploying the Facebook Ads Framework – watch over Christopher’s shoulder as he demonstrate how he sets up the Facebook ads campaign framework with detailed step-by-step walkthrough.

✔️ Optimizing the Facebook Ads Framework – Jason and Christopher will share Facebook ads campaign optimization best practices to get your Shopify store ready for long term growth.

Learn to 10X Your Shopify Store Sales with Facebook Ads Now

✔️ This is a recorded video course. You’ll be given access within 24 hours upon payment.

✔️ You will have lifetime access to the course, including future updates.

✔️ You’ll be invited to join the Facebook Group for future Q&A.

✔️ 7-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Recorded Video Training. Lifetime Access. Start Instantly.

Learn Now at USD37

3.5 Hours of On Demand Facebook Ads for Shopify Store Course by Real Shopify Seller

Learn from Real Shopify Store owner to 9X your Shopify Store Sales with Facebook Ads with detailed Step-by-Step Guidance.

Among the 48 lessons, topics covered include:

  • How to create Shopify Store from scratch
  • How to choose and setup Shopify Store theme
  • How to create product for Shopify Store
  • How to compress & optimize Shopify product images
  • How to setup Shipping Zones & Fees for Shopify Store
  • How to setup Payment Gateway for Shopify Store
  • Must have Shopify Store Apps & setup process
  • How to crease and use Shopify Discount Code
  • How to setup Facebook Pixel for Shopify Store
  • How to setup Google Analytics for Shopify Store
  • How to setup Optimized Facebook Ads for Shopify Store
  • How to apply 2-Step Funnel Framework for Shopify Store
  • How to navigate Shopify Store Metrics
  • How to design effective Facebook ads for Shopify Store
  • How to target the right audience for Shopify Store
  • How to retarget for Facebook ads for Shopify Store
  • How to analyze Facebook Ads Metrics for Shopify Store

Learn Now at USD37

Questions? Sure!

When can I start learning?

You’ll be emailed the login details within 24 hours after payment made and start right away. If you don’t see the email, check your spam or promotion folder. Contact us if you need help.

How long can I access the training videos?

You have lifetime access to the recorded training videos, including future updates.

What do I need to prepare for the training?

Your readiness to become better Facebook advertiser, and a laptop or even smartphone to watch the training. And the willingness to put what you learn to work right away, of course.

Is this suitable for beginners?

Yes. If you’re new to Facebook ads, you’ll find the step-by-step guidance and walkthroughs handy to help you get started. If you’re seasoned advertiser, you’ll discover new ways (or the right ways) to use certain tools and features along the way.

Can I ask questions?

While we don’t provide Q&A support for the course, however you’ll be invited to join Jason’s private Facebook group where you can learn with over 1,000 Facebook advertisers from around the world.

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