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2.5-Hour Masterclass To Learn Latest & Proven Facebook Advertising Techniques & Methods From .

Join the 6,000+ individuals from 50+ countries to Learn the Right Ways to Advertise on Facebook & Instagram with Jason Gan.

What’s Covered

Derived from experience working with Facebook advertisers from 50+ countries, case study based learning for Serious Facebook Advertisers who wish to level up.

🔴 How to Build The Right Facebook Ads Campaign Structure

🔴 How to Choose The Right Facebook Ads Objective

🔴 How to Use Custom Audience & Lookalike Audience Right

🔴 Jason’s Signature Audience Targeting Techniques

🔴 Latest Ads Creative & Copywriting That Converts

🔴 Jason’s Signature Analytics & Optimization Framework

Step-by-step Walkthru to help you understand key features & tools in Facebook Ads Manager to Optimize Your Facebook Advertising Outcome.

Meet Jason

A seasoned digital marketer since 2007. Jason Gan is a Facebook Advertising & Digital Marketing Coach with over 6,000 students from over 50+ countries. Follow his digital marketing tips on YouTube.

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Your readiness to become better Facebook advertiser, and the willingness to put what you learn to work right away.

This program is structured with walkthrough videos and in depth explanation to help you master everything you need to know about Facebook advertising. You’ll definitely find this useful if you’re beginner. If you’ve advertising but not sure how to use certain tools or features or key concepts, you’ll find clarity in the class.

For limited time, you will get 1 session of 1-on-1 consultation with Jason to ask questions. You may also join Jason’s weekly AskMeAnything session every Sunday night at 10pm (GMT+8) on his YouTube channel to get your questions answered moving forward.

You’ll receive the link to watch the masterclass video upon signing up. You’ll have lifetime access to the masterclass, including future updates.

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