Strategize Your FB Ads for 2023

2-hour Zoom Event to Prepare Your Business for A Successful 2023 Leveraging on Effective Facebook & Instagram Advertising.

What’s Covered

🔴  Impactful Facebook Ads Related Updates & Changes in 2022

🔴  Strategize 2023 – FB Ads Strategy Suggestion for EACH MONTH

🔴  Facebook Ads Campaign Setup Live Demo – Updated Techniques using Jason’s Signature 2-Step Funnel Framework

A Must Join Event for Facebook Advertisers.

21 Dec 2022, 9PM-11PM (GMT+8)

This is a Zoom live event. You’ll get access to the recording for 48 hours.

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Meet Jason

Jason is a Meta Blueprint Certified Professional & Meta Business Partner.

Jason Gan is a Facebook Advertising & Digital Marketing Coach with over 6,000 students from over 40+ countries. Follow his digital marketing tips on YouTube.

Join 6,000+ individuals from 40+ countries to learn with Jason

Strategize Your FB Ads For A Successful 2023

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