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Watch this video to understand How to Multiply Facebook Ads ROI by Sending The Right Message to The Right People at The Right Time to Command The Right Action.

Time to Multiply Your Facebook Ads ROI

Learn how to Build a Facebook Ads Funnel to Multiple Facebook Ads ROI by Reducing Budget Waste and communicate your brand effectively with Facebook Ads Storytelling Techniques.

1-Month Learning Program

1-Day In-Person Workshop + 4 Weekly Group Coaching

For in-person workshops, only 9 sessions are open now. Limited to 9 participants per session. Only 81 spots for grab.

This is an Exclusive, No-Competitor Program to ensure your learning experience is optimized. Grab your spot before your competitors do.

(We’re opening FFD Online for the first time, but very limited seats available too make sure you grab fast.)

What You’ll Be Learning

✔️ How to Build Evergreen Facebook Ads Campaign that constantly helps you Reach Fresh Audiences.

✔️ How Avoid Budget Waste by stop showing the same ad to the same audience over and over again.

✔️ How to Do Facebook Ads Storytelling to communicate 1 message at a time effectively.

✔️ How to Multiply Conversion Rate by converting your most Read-to-Buy Audiences.

✔️ How to Send The Right Message, to the Right People, at the Right Time to Command the Right Action.

✔️ How to Multiply your Facebook Ads Return, even with the Same Budget or Lower.

Sounds Awesome. But Do You Need It?

It’s true that those Facebook advertisers who are spending a relatively bigger budget would benefit from this program tremendously.

But is this suitable for smaller advertisers?

Even if you’re spending RM10/day, what if I can help you make 2X more ROI from it?

The smaller the budget, the more important it is to DO FACEBOOK ADVERTISING RIGHT because your HARD EARNED MONEY should fuel your BUSINESS GROWTH.

Learn The Right Way to Advertise on Facebook

The Facebook Ads Funnel Design Program is an Immersive, Super Hands-on program consisting of multiple worksheets, exercises, samples and templates to help you start.

To be exact, here’s what you’re going to go through:

✔️ 4 Modules Facebook Ads Funnel Design Blueprint – Audience Qualifiers Planning, Conversion Window Planning, Exclusion Mechanism Planning & Facebook Ads Storytelling Journey Design

✔️ 4 Group Coaching Sessions – In-depth discussions to help you validate your funnel design, and discover actionable insights to improve your campaign performance

You’ll be guided STEP-BY-STEP to Design, Develop and Optimize your Facebook Ads Funnel that actually Multiply Your Facebook Ads ROI.

What if you can’t pick up everything during the in-person workshop?

We got you covered, there will be a series of “Watch over my shoulder” videos to guide you step-by-step to develop your Facebook Ads Funnel.

We’ve Got Everything You Need to Get Started NOW!

Unlock Bonuses at crazy values to help you build the strong foundation you need to level up.


My 10 years experience as a Facebook advertiser and digital marketer packed into 16-hours of video courses (and growing)

Facebook Ads Accelerator covers everything you need to become better Facebook advertiser:

✔️ How to Design Effective Facebook Ads (1-hour Course)

✔️ 5 Effective Audience Targeting Techniques (1-hour Course)

✔️ How to Choose Facebook Ads Objectives (2-hour Course)

✔️ Mastering Facebook Ads Manager (3-hour Course)

✔️ Facebook Messenger Chatbot Masterclass (4-hour Course)

✔️ 5 more courses and New courses or lessons added every month

Click here to browse the courses available.

RM2,880 in Value

FREE when you sign up for FFD.


A software that I always wanted to visualize the Facebook ads funnels that i’m building. It gives greater clarity on the overall process to make debugging easier.

You can now communicate with your team members, superiors and vendors so much better with the Facebook ads funnel visualized. Everybody will be on the same page.

RM1,680 in Value

FREE when you sign up for FFD.


(Only available for in-person workshop participants)

Tap into my brain to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook ads campaign. See through my eyes on how I discover opportunities to improve your campaign.

You can use this session to validate your Facebook ads funnel before you implement, or you can get me to look at a troubled campaign to find ways to improvise.

I can’t wait to work with you on your Facebook ads campaign.

RM1,360 in Value

FREE when you sign up for FFD.

Total Value of All Bonuses:


YOURS FOR FREE when you invest in Facebook Ads Funnel Design Program.

Transform Into A Better Facebook Advertiser Today.

Your journey starts today. Start now to Stop Wasting Your Facebook Ads Budget and Start Multiplying Your Facebook Ads ROI.

Enrolment for FFD is Closed.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

The FFD Program works if you do. But if for some reason you aren’t on your way to real success in the first 30 days, email us and we will take care of your refund.


Transform Into A Better Facebook Advertiser Today.

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