How to optimize Facebook ads

How to optimize Facebook ads

My ad optimization framework? It is 100% data driven.

It starts with a thorough campaign audit to identify what’s working and what’s not.

Should we test new creatives? Or is it the landing page that’s losing the most people? Where do people stop in the customer journey?

You might have a lot of clicks but if only 30% of them landed on your website, that could be the problem.

Running ads is an exercise that involves not just the target audience, the ad creatives and all. The ad is only doing 50% of the work.

The ad reels in the fish, you cook them on your website or your lead closing process.

The optimization opportunities may be in the ad, the target audience, or the checkout process, even the lead gen method.

That’s why ads optimization is a science, backed by numbers.

Don’t run ads based on “gut feelings”, because you can actually build a plan.

Once we draw out an optimization plan, we start testing them one variable at a time.

Here’s the tricky part because most people test multiple variables at once.

If you change the creative and tweak the landing page at the same time and the results improved, what really worked?

That’s why optimization is a continuous process and not a magic pill.

Most importantly, it can be taught.

I know, you’ll be thinking how long you need to learn to be able to do this yourself?

You don’t need to.

How about we jump right in together and start optimizing your campaign right from start? And you learn alongside.
You start getting more sales and leads right away, and learning is the by product.

If you’re sick of the guesswork, restarting your campaign over and over again when it “stops working” but just not sure why, let me help you.

Let my 1-on-1 optimisation program helps in making 2024 the best year for your business with Facebook ads.
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