How to reduce cost per lead

How to reduce cost per lead

How I reduced Facebook cost per lead by 18% in under 30 days.

The client came to me wondering why the cost per lead kept increasing since 3 months ago.

Aside from the rising CPM, I spotted the frequency was pretty high in the past few months, even on weekly basis.

That means the ads are repeating on a bunch of audience, and not reaching more new people as it supposed to.

To validate that hypothesis, we checked the difference between clicks and unique clicks, found out that 30% were repeated clicks.

Imagine if we can release that to target new audience, we might get 30% more qualified clicks.

The next major leak in the funnel was the CTR, most of the ads were having below 0.5% CTR, pretty bad.

So we went thru few rounds of tests on ad creative, not by reinventing the wheels, but learn from the past campaigns.

We managed to bump the CTR from 0.43% to 0.68% (over 50% increase), reduced repeated clicks to below 15%, among other improvements.

That’s how we achieved 18% lower cost per lead within a month. Just by optimising the campaign itself.

The idea of optimisation is always about learning from what’s currently working and leverage on them, while fixing what’s not working.

Your ad campaigns are already getting you results, we just need to make it work better.

So, if you’re reading up to this, you definitely have been advertising on Facebook & Instagram.

My questions to you: Do you want to improve your campaign performance with a proven framework, guided by an experienced strategist, and start seeing improvements within weeks?

Do you want to finally get rid of your advertising bottleneck, and finally able to scale your Facebook ads meaningfully to get you more leads and sales?

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Our weekly 1-on-1 call will review the outcome of the tests and determine new experiment directions.
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We can also tailor strategies towards your business goals such as monthly sales, product launches, etc.

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