Increase ecomm sales with Facebook ads by 20%

Increase ecomm sales with Facebook ads by 20%

How I increased ecomm sales by 20% with Facebook ads optimization in 2 months for a fashion brand.

The client has been advertising on Facebook & Instagram for years and always been profitable, but they are facing a bottleneck.

They have tried many ways hoping to increase sales with ads, but can’t seem to really find the right way.

They’ve tried scaling the ads, but every time they increase the budget, the campaign “stops working”.

Other methods they tried such as changing ad creatives, lookalike audience, etc., but they’re not sure if those worked.

After watching some of my YouTube videos, they reached out for my help.

My optimisation program always start with deep dive into the past campaign data, and I spotted a few problems right away.

First of all, they run multiple top-of-funnel campaigns (fashion brand with multiple categories) without exclusion.

As the campaigns overlap and compete among each other, the CPM was high, and the weekly frequency was at 3.6.

It means, each of their cold audience sees their ads up to 3.6 times every week.

Top of funnel campaigns should be reaching more new people, and they are not.

Next problem, their retargeting campaigns were not setup properly.

They had a 30-day retargeting ad set and a 180-day retargeting ad set. What’s wrong with that?

First of all, they are overlapping. Secondly, do people need to be followed for that long to decide whether to buy or otherwise?

Long term retargeting is a waste of money for e-commerce business.

We restructured the campaign by applying audience exclusion in those TOF campaigns, and I rebuilt their retargeting journey.

We made sure anyone who came in thru any TOF ads, will be educated about all the product categories within a specific period.

For example, if a lady visited the website thru a skirt ad, we will start showing her other categories such as scarf, hats, shoes, etc., with a properly planned sequence.

Once built, we let the new campaign structure settle in for a week or two, then we started testing other optimisation such as creatives, landing page, and stuff.

We achieved 20% growth in the second month, with only 12% increase in ads budget.

The idea of optimisation is always about learning from what’s currently working and leverage on them, while fixing what’s not working.

Your ad campaigns are already getting you results, we just need to make it work better.

So, if you’re reading up to this, you definitely have been advertising on Facebook & Instagram.

My questions to you: Do you want to improve your campaign performance with a proven framework, guided by an experienced strategist, and start seeing improvements within weeks?

Do you want to finally get rid of your advertising bottleneck, and finally able to scale your Facebook ads meaningfully to get you more leads and sales?

If your answers are yes, I’m inviting you to join my 1-on-1 optimization program.

We will start with a deep dive into your past campaign data, identifying opportunities, build hypotheses and develop an action plan.

Our weekly 1-on-1 call will review the outcome of the tests and determine new optimization directions.
You’ll start seeing improvements within weeks, if not days.

We can also tailor strategies towards your business goals such as monthly sales, product launches, etc.
Let’s make 2024 the best year for your business with Facebook ads.

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