Jason On Demand

Jason’s Exclusive 1-on-1 Support Program

WARNING: This is NOT a training program or a course.

This is an on demand consultation program, where you meet Jason once a month to analyze your Facebook ads campaign, and more.

What You Get Every Month

✔️ 1X 30-min 1-on-1 Consultation with Jason – Jason will analyze your campaign, review your landing page, or even go thru your next product launch. Jason has your back on everything digital marketing.

✔️ WhatsApp 1-on-1 Support – Need quick feedback on your new creative? Or have a quick question? Jason got you covered. (Up to 5 questions monthly)

Monthly Subscription @ USD47. Cancel Anytime.

Strictly by invitation only. Schedule a private Zoom call with Jason to join Jason On Demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. This is an on demand consultation and support program. We meet once a month for 30-min to analyze your campaign, and you can ask up to 5 quick questions via WhatsApp every month.

The monthly subscription fee for Jason On Demand is USD47. You may cancel anytime.

After our discovery call, you’ll be given a link to subscribe via Stripe, which you will be charged monthly. You can cancel anytime.

Nope. We need to make sure I’m able to help you to invite you in, otherwise we’ll point you to other options where we can work together.

If you want Jason to analyze your Facebook ads campaign for a quick action plan, you can do it here. Jason On Demand comes with that every month, plus 1-on-1 WhatsApp support.