Case studies: Facebook advertising strategy

A showcase of Facebook advertising strategies based on The Conversion-to-Profit method.

Facebook Advertising Strategy for Property Developer

  • Time-sensitive Facebook ad drip
  • Optimized to capture intent
  • Optimized for reach and frequency
  • Timed customer journey

Facebook Advertising Strategy for Irish Pub (F&B industry)

  • Action-based Facebook ad drip
  • Capture intent to convert action
  • Focuses on Messenger action
  • Database collection
  • Best paired with loyalty program

Facebook Advertising Strategy for Online Lingerie Store (Restricted ecommerce)

  • Action-based Facebook ad drip
  • Intent-based targeting based on action
  • Time-sensitive customer journey
  • Subtle approach to comply to policy

Facebook Advertising Strategy for Accounting Firm (B2B)

  • Focus on intent-based targeting
  • Google and other channels to capture intent
  • Lead generation based campaign
  • Hybrid Facebook ad drip

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