2 Questions for you if you advertise on Facebook.

#1 – Do you want to have a campaign that runs at its optimum for a long time? (e.g. up to 12-mo)

#2 – Do you want to constantly reach fresh audience with your Facebook ads campaign?

There are many schools of thought when it comes to Facebook advertising, all are powerful in their own ways.

Here’s ours. Our method focuses on the following top questions:

How to constantly reach fresh audiences?

How to constantly reduce budget waste and increase ROI?

How to build an evergreen, successful campaign?

In other words, you can take your headache off from the constant chase for the next best audience targeting hack or the next best ad creative, or copywriting formula.

You will learn to build a constantly performing Facebook ads campaign that continuously brings in fresh customers for you at the lowest cost possible.

So that you can focus on building your business instead.

One last thing…


Join Jason, a Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional since 2017 and Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner in this 2-day livestream event to learn exactly how.

Let’s Build Your Evergreen Campaign

Date: 25 and 26 Sept 2021

Time: 3pm (appx. 2 hours)

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Meet Jason

Jason Gan is a Facebook advertising coach with over 5,000 students from over 27 countries. Follow his daily Facebook ads tips on YouTube.

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