The Email Gameplan Workshop

Everyone Gets Emails. But Not Many Businesses Do Email Marketing Right.

Your prospects and customers expect to receive messages that are personalised to them. If you are not having the right conversations with your customers, your competitors might, and they will take your customers away.

Oh, are these keeping you up at night too?

🔴  Fed up with seeing your ad costs going up while sales continue to dwindle?

🔴  Frustrated with spending a bundle on acquiring leads, but they are not converting?

🔴  Wished for a reliable sales process that would work for you 24×7 to convert your leads to customers effortlessly and not cost you a fortune to maintain?

Then here’s an invitation to spend 2 hours with Jason and Andrew as they walk you through an email game plan that will set your business up for a profitable 2022.

However, please DO NOT register if:

🔴  You’ve got more customers than you could ever handle.

🔴  People will buy whatever you put up to sell. No questions.

🔴  You are satisfied with your current marketing activities.

🔴  Obviously, this workshop has got to do with emails and if you think email marketing is dead, this is definitely not for you.

Limited to 100 pax via Zoom. No replay.

Only 100 participants allowed to join the workshop on first come first served basis. Make sure you mark your calendar and join early to secure your seat. Later comers will not be entertained and replay will not be provided.

Date: 24 Feb 2022, 8.30PM (GMT+8)

Only register if you are serious about growing sales and reducing marketing costs in 2022 and beyond.

Meet The Coaches

Jason Gan is a Facebook advertising coach with over 5,000 students from over 27 countries. Follow his daily Facebook ads tips on YouTube.

Andrew uses emails to help his clients increase sales and profits. His email marketing strategies draw on three decades of hands-on experience in print advertising, web design, and business-to-business sales. He works with B2B and direct to consumer brands to scale their email campaigns.

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