TikTok Ads Workshop

Discover How to Target Ideal Audience Where They Hangout And Build Omni Channel Advertising Strategies That Convert.

We start with taking a deep dive into TikTok Ads Manager, learning how to use all the tools & features correctly to Capture The Attention Of Your Ideal Audience.

Then we build Omni Channel Advertising Strategies combining Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads & TikTok Ads to Nurture & Convert In The Most Effective Ways.

Learn how to Strategize & Execute Omni Channel TikTok Ads through Jason Gan’s lens.

You’ll Learn

🔴  How to setup TikTok Ads with Step-by-Step Walkthrough

🔴  TikTok Ads Design Best Practices

🔴  TikTok Ads Audience Targeting Best Practices

🔴  How to setup TikTok Pixel & setting up Pixel Events

🔴  Cross Platform Advertising Strategies between TikTok, Facebook/Instagram & YouTube

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4-Hour Training Video. Learn Anytime Anywhere.

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Meet Jason

Jason Gan is a Facebook Advertising & Digital Marketing Coach with over 6,000 students from over 30+ countries. Follow his daily Facebook ads tips on YouTube and his podcast.

Join 6,000+ Facebook advertisers from 30+ countries to learn with Jason

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Join Now at USD97

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