Free Facebook Ads Course: Understanding Facebook Ads

A 29-Lesson, 1-Hour Free Facebook Ads Course for New Facebook Advertisers.

Free Facebook Ads Course for limited time only. If you’re looking to start advertising on Facebook & Instagram but not sure where to start? You’ve found the right course.

Learn from Jason, a Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional since 2017 to understand the fundamentals of Facebook advertising before you put your money in.

You’ll learn from Jason’s 10 years experience in managing millions in Facebook ads spend for over 200+ brands since 2010.

Topics covered in this Free Facebook Ads Course

  1. Why should we advertise on Facebook?
  2. What is Organic Reach?
  3. What is Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm?
  4. Push & Pull digital advertising approach
  5. Facebook advertising VS Conventional advertising
  6. Facebook advertising as People-based digital advertising
  7. How Facebook charges Facebook advertisers for Facebook advertising?
  8. Understanding Facebook advertising objectives
  9. Facebook advertising audience targeting misconceptions
  10. Facebook advertising objective misconceptions
  11. Facebook advertising split-testing (AB split test) misconceptions
  12. Facebook advertising optimization misceptions
  13. Facebook advertisement posts are Dark posts
  14. How to identify a Facebook advertisement?
  15. The differences between Facebook ads and Instagram ads
  16. 3 goals of Facebook advertising
  17. Facebook advertisement campaign structure
  18. Facebook Ads Manager campaign level settings
  19. Facebook Ads Manager ad set level settings
  20. Facebook Ads Manager ad level settings
  21. Facebook target audience types – Core audience
  22. Facebook target audience types – Custom audience
  23. Facebook target audience types – Lookalike audience
  24. Understanding Facebook Pixel
  25. Using Facebook Pixel for tracking purpose
  26. Using Facebook Pixel for measuring purpose
  27. Using Facebook Pixel for optimization purpose
  28. Understanding Reach, Impressions & Frequency in Facebook Ads Manager
  29. Cost Per Result VS CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions) in Facebook Ads Metrics

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