YouTube Channel From Scratch

Step-By-Step Guidance To Jumpstart Your YouTube Channel in 2 Days

You know you NEED a YouTube channel, but you have no idea how to start the right way. Join this workshop.

I own two YouTube channels. Jason Gan started in August 2020, and The Life Explorers started in November 2021.

Despite being new and small, they grow consistently and both are generating revenue. My B2B YouTube channel is actually now my main traffic and revenue driver for my business.

I want to teach you what I learned to help you jumpstart your YouTube channel.

You’ll Learn

🔴  How to Find Video Ideas and Perform Keyword Research

How to rapidly identify videos worth creating that has high search volume and can connect you to your potential audience or customers.

🔴  How to Validate Your Channel Niche and Positioning

Every niche or topic has its’ own audience. Learn how to quickly identify the best way to create content that connects with your audience.

🔴  How to Setup Highly Searchable YouTube Channel

No one knows the existence of your channel just because you created it. You need to learn how to GET FOUND by the right people.

🔴  My Video Creation Techniques, Gears & Process

Learn probably the most minimalist way of creating videos that ranks high and get found by the right people.

🔴  How to Rank Your Video High and Fast on YouTube

Creating videos isn’t enough, learn how to trigger the YouTube algorithm to make YouTube recommends your videos to more people.

🔴  How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Monetization is the goal. However, there are many ways to generate revenue from your YouTube channel, I’ll share mine.

Date: 26 & 27 Sept 2022, 3PM-4.30PM (GMT+8)

This is a Zoom live training. You’ll also get the recording.

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Jason Gan is a Facebook Advertising & Digital Marketing Coach with over 6,000 students from over 40+ countries. Follow his digital marketing tips on YouTube.

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